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Our Story



Minimal Hour all began with the intent to create a brand whose focus is to inspire you to create a life lived to its fullest. Established & based in Richmond, Melbourne, we’re a team of adventurous, life-loving, people-loving enthusiasts whose goal is to encourage you to live a passionate, positive and fulfilling lifestyle.

The idea behind DO MORE is not about packing your life full of “things” and experiences, but rather making a deliberate effort to live a life filled with Intent, Passion & Purpose. There are countless opportunities held in every moment but it’s up to you to strip away the clutter & DO MORE.

We will always treat you like family & never compromise our outstanding service.

That’s our promise to you.

Time is : Precious Unique

Our dream is to inspire you to create a life lived to its fullest potential. Countless opportunities are held in every single moment & it’s up to you to make the most out of them. Go out into this world with your eyes wide open to endless  life-changing moments & most importantly….


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Keeping it happy

We want your experience to be legendary!  For us, our business starts and ends with YOU, so let us put a smile on your face as we treat you like a superstar.

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More Bang For Your $

We personally direct every step of the extensive production and design process. There are no middle men or crazy retail mark-ups, and never will be. We are truly privileged to have direct relationships with some of the best designer & manufactures across the world. This is reflected in both our outstanding design/construction quality & affordable pricing.

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Let's Make It Last

We’re so convinced of our quality that we’re more than happy to put our money where it matters, with a 24 month warranty on all our watches & 30 day returns.

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Free Express Shipping

Patience is a virtue, but sometimes you need to throw it out the window. Which is why we ship all of our timepieces via Express Post. 365 days of the year. No exceptions. You won’t find that anywhere else!


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